EPLIS Comic Series

EPLIS is a sci-fi action adventure comic that takes our characters through space and time to achieve their ultimate goal, defeat the Krios. As a nearly unstoppable force, the Krios are energy based lifeforms that move between star systems, devouring everything that stands in their path. Ever on the search for their next meal, all attempts to stop them have been met with failure as they simply deflect or absorb all known methods of force.

Dr. Archimedes may hold the key to ending the Krios’s free reign once and for all. After careful study of a mysterious crystal called the Elestrial Segment, the Doctor learns to tap into its astounding properties with his greatest scientific achievement yet… The EPLIS.

The EPLIS, however, is not yet complete when the Krios arrive at the Dr’s home planet, Geminon. Will they discover the EPLIS? Will the Doctor and his companions escape? Can the Krios even be defeated?!

Each comic book is 36 pages of action-packed fun & excitement, and the coloring book is 24 pages of fun games, drawing exercises, puzzles, robots, and more! :)

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EPLIS Coloring Bookstickers


Jamie is living the life of his dreams. Great friends, a burgeoning comedy career and can play a mean guitar. Of course there is a problem. A girl problem. To be more precise, a distinct lack of dates with girls who laugh at him for all the wrong reasons. Can Jamie follow the advice of his friends and just be himself without being seen as a dork? Or… maybe he should embrace his dorkiness and take it to the next level and become HYPERDORK!

Hyperdork copyright 2015. Written by Hollywood Comedian Jimmy Francis and Illustrated by Emily Drouin. Rated T+ for teens and adults. 28 pages, printed on glossy bright white paper.

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Treasure Your Sight Coloring &  Activities Book

Join Cap’n Mac, Iris, Pupil the Pup, and Rodney the Parrot as they solve puzzles, follow the clues, and learn about the eyes in this fun-filled pirate-themed adventure coloring & activities book! 12 pages.

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Are You My Girlfriend?

A modern day Dr. Seuss-like fairytale about finding the love of your life. Written by Joshua Steinhouse and illustrated by Emily Drouin. 20 pages.

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Are You My Girlfriend?

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